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Leather tiles will add a comforting dimension in all areas of the house, including:

  • Office & Library

  • Kitchen backsplash

  • Powder rooms

  • Accent walls & headboards

EcoDomo leathers are ideal for wall applications in a wide range of sizes, colors, and textures. Historically, Pope Julius III had gilded leather walls in the 16th century. The Governor’s mansion in Williamsburg, Virginia feature original 17th century leather tiles to this day. Leather tiles have proven to be timeless. 

 Our in-house team will find solutions to create your design as you imagined it.  Whether you need a printed image on the leather, a stitch, or a different shape panel, we will specify your project with respect of your budget.

Install over sheetrock, plywood, concrete, or panelize the leather to install with z-clips system. Curves, no problem! 



Rethink Leather. 



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