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Our countertops are available in recycled or hide leather formats. They have a proven industry-leading performance record established over the past decade. 

Suitable for commercial and residential installations. 

EcoDomo leather countertops provide a unique luxurious element to interiors.  Warm to the touch, pleasing to the eye, and always surprising in elegance and durability, our leather countertops offer a natural and refreshing alternative to quartz, stone, and concrete within a comparable price range.  

Our products are always readily available and made in the USA. Select our products for your closet island top, office, hutch, bench, coffee table, reception counter, eat-in area in your kitchens, and more. Extremely versatile in applications!

We have the ability to add decorative elements or customize countertops to meet the exact requirements for each project.

Rethink Leather.

EcoDomo leather countertops are custom made to your exact specifications and shipped as complete, ready-to-install units. 

Compact Style

Style A: Two front 1" radius corners and Two 90° square corners

Sanctuary Style

Style B: Four 1" radius corners

Contemporary Style

Style C: Four 90° square corners 

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