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Our leather floors offer an exceptional combination of elegance, sustainability, and durability for floors with exceptional value. EcoDomo leather floors have been in use for over a decade with a proven performance track record across continents and climates.  

EcoDomo leather floors are elegant, luxurious, and all-around easy.  Our leather floors are suitable for all dry areas of residences and rated for commercial use.  Modern and elegant, EcoDomo leather floors can be seen in restaurants, hotels, corporate interiors, and residences across continents.  

Our Leather stairs case will bring another dimensions to your home.  Create stunning visuals with double stitching on the steps or by using leather on risers. Harmonize the landings with matching leather tiles or integrate leather in a modern floating metal stair treads.

Combine your leather tiles with your wood floor. The inlay option will create some depth and warmth to your space. Get the reaction you are looking for!

                                                                                                                            Rethink Leather.

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