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Our effort to help save the planet.

17 years of making sustainable luxury leather products.  

Since 2005, EcoDomo has been transforming scraps of leather into a sustainable material suitable for the building industry. We proud ourselves to deliver a product that will meet, if not surpass our client’s expectations. We make beautiful things happen.

​The production of hide leather often involved a massive amount of water and the use of harmful chemicals during the tanning process. By using recycled leathers, we are cutting the demands for hide leathers and fewer leathers end up in landfills. 

As a member of the United States Green Building Council since 2005, EcoDomo uses a & quot;triple bottom line & quot; approach to business: a) our products must exceed market expectations, b) significantly contribute to the environment and to the community, and c) generate profits. We are dedicated to raising sustainability awareness. Our eco-conscious devotion is reflected in the way we source our materials until our very products reach the spaces of our thousands of commercial and residential clients around the world.

We’ve been leading the scene and keeping it green since 2005. We are on a mission to make our client’s lives easier by creating luxurious, functional, and elegant recycled leathers for interiors. We will continue to serve the world with quality leathers without harming our planet.



Our vision is to bring the beauty of truly sustainable leather to homes and businesses around the world. We want to inspire our clients to continue their appreciation of the beauty of leather as a material that brings ideas to life. We are the recognized brand worldwide for recycled leather surfacing and fabrication.