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Leather Floor Options:

  • Engineered Tiles and Planks

  • Glue Down Tiles

Glue Down Specs & Install

Engineered Floor Install Only

Architecture Specifications

EcoDomo Recycled Leather was originally designed to perform on the most challenging surface: Floors.

Our combination of density, sustainable luxury and performance is why EcoDomo leather floors were installed in corporate interiors, hotels, and residences world wide.

Product Detail: 

  • Suitable for light commercial traffic, residential, and all non-wet areas.

  • Available in standard and custom colors and textures.*

  • Manufactured as engineered planks or resilient glue-down tiles.

Building on performance, we have since extended applications to substitute wood with our leather.  Available in industry standard formats, use our Recycled Leather in commercial horizontal and vertical applications.

Our fabrication services enable designers and manufacturers to create stunning components and elements for walls, furniture, cabinetry casework and commercial and residential interiors.  

Rethink Leather.

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