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Within only 3 steps, your space will be transformed!

  • Select your door style

  • Select from our 18 leather standard colors

  • Select your texture 

EcoDomo® began its journey with a single leather placemat that inspired a diverse collection of luxurious and sustainable leather surfacing. Our paramount commitment to sustainability drove us to engineer a universal leather surfacing material for the cabinet industry. Ecodomo® is pleased to offer leather doors, drawers, countertops, and all components necessary to build the cabinet of your dreams!

Select your type of door

  • Penta Door Slab Design with face and edges wrapped with our Recycled Leather Veneer (RLV) - Back finished with melamine

  • Infinity Door Slab Design with face, back, and edges wrapped in RLV

  • Shaker Door Slab Design outside frame with recessed center panel on front; back is solid all wrapper with RLV

Our Cabinetry Division recently introduced our new cabinet component specification guide to the industry. The guide features multiple door options for kitchens and closets cabinetry. Reach out to our team and get your copy!                             

                                         Rethink Leather.

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