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These stunning leather stairs were custom-made for a modern residence in Washington state by EcoDomo. Each tread and landing are fully wrapped with a single piece of our exquisite Milano hide Caramel leather, lending a touch of luxury to the space.

To meet the client's request for minimal seams on the 4" thick treads, EcoDomo developed a mix of leather and millwork techniques for optimal everyday use. The result is a seamless and visually striking staircase that perfectly complements the modern aesthetic of the home

In addition, the client wanted the stairs to be soft underfoot, which was achieved by upholstering the top part of the tread. Although not visible, this provides a comfortable and welcoming feel when walking up or down the stairs.

EcoDomo is committed to creating custom leather solutions for your projects, and we are here to be your trusted partner every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you bring your vision to life!

Leather Hood - A Culinary and Design Statement

Our leather has captivated attention at #KBIS2024!


We are excited to share a remarkable highlight from this year's Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) that showcases the fusion of luxury and practicality. La Cornue, the esteemed French appliance company, unveiled an extraordinary addition to its collection: a coastal crocodile leather hood, featuring Ecodomo recycled leather known for its exceptional resistance, including to heat. Design by Matthew Quinn Of Design Galleria.

This innovative hood is not just a statement piece but also a testament to the durability and versatility of Ecodomo leather. Renowned for its resilience, this material can withstand high temperatures, making it an ideal choice for the kitchen environment. In fact, Ecodomo leather is so robust that it can even be used as trivets, offering a unique blend of style and functionality.

The coastal crocodile leather hood was met with acclaim at KBIS, captivating attendees with its elegant design and the practicality of its heat-resistant leather.


We are proud to be associated with La Cornue and to witness their continued innovation in the luxury kitchen appliance sector. 


Unveiling Sustainable Elegance: Our Recycled Leather Veneer Spotlight in Luxe Magazine!

A groundbreaker in the elegant reuse of biomaterials, the brand crafts Recycled Leather Veneer (RLV™) by finely pulverizing leather remnants into fibers and blending those with a small quantity of natural latex. RLV™ is a highly unique and surprisingly durable leather—denser than red oak hardwood.

Leather as a universal surface material boasts a history spanning millennia, but we've transformed this from a niche application to an ideal, accessible one.

Main Custom leather fabrication by EcoDomo and a countertop by Artistic Tile pair beautifully in this
design by David Cook of Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio. 

Photography Robert Peterson of Rustic White Interiors


Crafting Luxury in Your Closet Space!

With an eye for elegance and an unwavering commitment to innovation, our designer has seamlessly blended EcoDomo Recycled Leather Veneer™ in White Shagreen with wood, transcending the ordinary and redefining luxury. Their meticulous attention to detail and passion for pushing boundaries has resulted in a closet that elevates sophistication and warmth. Step into a world where design dreams become reality, and every corner speaks volumes of timeless elegance.